About Antitrust Alliance

Combining European presence with local expertise

Our Story

More than a decade ago, eighteen outstanding law firms from different jurisdictions across Europe decided to unite, and in doing so combined their diverse range of talents, resources and expertise to form a Pan-European network of the highest quality: the Antitrust Alliance.

Today, our hard-earned reputation, built on a culture of excellence and an absolute commitment to our work, makes our alliance one our clients know they can trust.

Our cross border proficiency in Europe is unbeatable; we rely on a team of independent, multilingual lawyers, each with a formidable reputation in their respective jurisdictions.

This enables us to handle our clients’ antitrust needs effectively across jurisdictions, providing an efficient and flexible response.

Moreover, joint initiatives such as international events, training sessions and cross-border practice groups continue to strengthen the close working relations that unite us as an alliance.

By clicking below, you will find a general description of the Teams, services and capabilities that Antitrust Alliance can offer to your business Europe-wide: ATA´s General Brochure _Website edition