Dutch fines more than doubled as of 2017

22 December 2015

On 22 December, the Dutch Parliament approved a legislative amendment as a result of which the maximum personal fines that can be imposed following violations of the Competition Act (and also of similar acts such as the Postal Act, the Telecommunications Act, the Railway Act, the Passenger Transportation Act and the Gas and Electricity Act) are tremendously increased:
The maximum personal fines are raised from EUR 450,000 to EUR 900,000. The maximum fines for undertakings in case of an infringement of the cartel prohibition or the prohibition an abuse of dominance are increased from 10% of one annual turnover to 10% of 4 times the annual turnover depending on the duration of the infringement. All other fines such as those in case of gun jumping or failing to comply with commitments are increased to EUR 900,000 or, if this is more, 10% of the annual turnover (the latter part unchanged). All fines can be increased by 100% in case of recidivism within the preceding 5 years.