Utility companies face fines for non-compliance with the mandatory merger control

Two Danish utility companies have received fines of DKK 8 million in total for implementing a notifiable merger in 2012 without filing the compulsory merger notification. The case is an obvious reminder of how important it is to focus on competition rules in connection with mergers, acquisitions, sell-offs, joint ventures and similar transactions – also within the utility sector. (more…)

Selective distribution: Rejection of repairer was a violation of competition rules

Nissan’s rejection of admitting Daugaard Biler as an authorised repairer was a violation of the competition rules according to the Danish Maritime and Commercial Court’s judgment of 20 March 2018. A fundamental breach of the car distribution agreement in a combined distribution and repairer agreement did not entitle Nissan to reject Daugaard Biler as an authorised Nissan repairer. (more…)